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I participated the exhibition 'ARTOXIC' in march.



M.A.D.S gallery's digitally exhibition 'ARTOXIC'. All review of my art works by curator Lisa Galletti.

Dear Lisa Galletti

Post your great review here. thank you so much.

the review is below.

The habit: a tendency for continuation or repetition of a certain behavior, which can be linked to natural or acquired factors and can be traced back to the concept of habit or habituation. Habit can develop through and within interpersonal relationships, objects and even physical spaces. The everydayness of living in the home, the habit of looking out the window as soon as one gets out of bed, the habit of taking off one's shoes as soon as one crosses the threshold of the dwelling. Our life is made up of routines and customs, and often, because of this, we forget the real shape of things, the real characteristics of the world. We have become disaccustomed to observing the world because we have become accustomed to its shapes and colors, its cycles and repetitions. Observing "Selfish" a clear space stands out before our eyes. The air is clear, almost rarefied, and everything seems to move in slow motion. Globular elements sometimes rounded sometimes faceted bounce slowly and softly within the compositional space. Grayish, pinkish, blue, and purplish backgrounds characterize these elements. Their slowness is such that their movement and trajectory is almost imperceptible. The feeling is that of being in the presence of an ordinary everyday life where things and elements move according to rigid and stable rules that are always the same. Slowly we begin to move and in a flash we are catapulted in free fall into a kind of tunnel. Everything is clear and bright, and the walls of this passage between dimensions are characterized by blue and purple spots that follow one another, changing their position every second.

The still ordinariness is beginning to change more and more. We have reached the end of the tunnel and, in front of us, we discover a completely unprecedented scenario. A cloud with labile and ethereal boundaries is silhouetted before our gaze. First we glimpse gray vapor, then purplish smoky swirls and finally an almost transparent whitish mist. Where are we? Where have we ended up? This is not normal; we are in a place we have never seen before. Everything is new, everything offers itself to our eyes to be discovered, experienced and savored. The swirls of color invite us to touch these new vaporous formations, urge us to observe the reddish spots that stain the lightness of that cloud. Turning our gaze

abruptly, we are confronted with a warm, muffled atmosphere. Here rises from clouds of blue and purplish vapor an organic form resembling a trilobite. Indeed, it is possible to glimpse the characteristic curvatures of its exoskeleton and its small head. In the blink of an eye we find ourselves catapulted into a new universe, this time infinitely small compared to normalcy, and we are amazed by this new world that, in everyday life would be difficult to see. Mihoko Onodera through her ethereal and dreamy works teases our imagination to distract us from the normality of things by catapulting our limbs and minds into unseen universes that are difficult to decipher. The everyday landscape no longer exists, new sceneries

and landscapes have opened on the horizon, and our hearts are intrepid to know new atmospheres and new worlds.

Art Curator Lisa Galletti

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