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About me

 Mihoko Onodera miho_abstract


Born 1977, in Tokyo Japan

1995 Graduated from Kichijo Girls' High School Art Course

1999 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Oil Painting

Acquisition of junior high school and high school art teacher license

After graduating from university, I continue to work, as a company employee to this day.​

Since 2003, I had been a workshop instructor for seven years. I hold various art workshops such as painting, handicrafts, drawing, face painting, etc. at elementary schools, culture schools, etc., and more than 700 people, from children to adults, participate. In 2012, began to draw line drawings exclusively with ink and resumed her own painting studies. ​Since then, I had been announcing works little by little, such as holding solo exhibitions in Tokyo.

Currently exhibitions

2018 Solo Exhibition Gallery 219 Omotesando Tokyo

2018 Solo Exhibition, Kouka Gallery Kanda Tokyo

2019 Solo Exhibition Gallery 219 Omotesando Tokyo

​2023 Group Exhibition ARTOXIC​(Digitally) M.A.D.S. Gallery in Milan

2023 Solo Exhibition Cafe Arkku Ogikubo Tokyo

2023 Art Fair London Contemporary 2023 The Line Contemporary Art Space 


Why painting?​

There are several events that come to mind when I think about my original experience of art. In 1987, when I was 10 years old, I already liked painting, and sometimes my father took me to the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo and I did some sketching on the campus of my local university. What was particularly shocking was when I was taken to the Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance. Museum and saw the "Sunflower" that was auctioned off. It made a strong impression on me. After that, I borrowed Van Gogh's biography at school and read it, and the strong contrast between the gorgeous atmosphere of the exhibition hall and the artist's tragic life made it an even more unforgettable experience. Since then, I have come to like various genres of art other than Impressionist painting, but perhaps because of this original experience, I have continued to have a strong interest in painting.

 Mihoko Onodera miho_abstract


1995 私立吉祥女子高校芸術コース美術科卒業

1999 武蔵野美術大学造形学部油絵学科卒業





2018 個展 ギャラリー219 表参道 東京

2018 個展 高架画廊 神田 東京

2019 個展 ギャラリー219 表参道 東京

​2023 グループ展 ARTOXIC​(デジタル)  M.A.D.S. Gallery in milan

2023   個展 カフェ・アルック 荻窪 東京

​2023 アートフェア London Contemporary 2023 The Line Contemporary Art Space




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